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Manufacturing Month a chance to reach next generation of employees

Oct. 4 is National Manufacturing Day, but at Douglas County Partners for Student Success, we’re going to spend the whole month celebrating modern manufacturing careers.

Following on the heels of September’s Southern Oregon Trades and Career Expo in Canyonville, Manufacturing Month gives DCPSS and its initiative, Bright Futures Umpqua, even more reason to celebrate Douglas County employers and the high-wage, high-demand jobs they offer.

According to, Manufacturing Day began in 2012, in part, to educate the public about the realities of the field. Organizers wanted to correct the misconception that manufacturing involved unskilled and tedious work.

“The fact is, today’s manufacturing jobs are highly skilled,” according to the website. “Not only that, but they take place in some of the most exciting, innovative work environments anywhere.”

Many such work environments exist right here in our own backyard.

Through Bright Futures Umpqua, we are working to teach students about the many career paths that are available to them, whether they seek jobs and training directly out of high school in the trades or go on to college for two- and four-year degrees or beyond.

As a community, we must work together to share experiences and opportunities for the sake of local students and their future success. If you’re a manufacturing employer in Douglas County and would like to offer a tour of your facility in October, be a guest speaker in a classroom or support students in another way, give DCPSS a call at 541-784-8622.

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