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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


The Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources industries are in need of well-rounded and qualified individuals to lead our state and nation in responsibly managing food production and natural resources utilization.

- Oregon Department of Education

What is the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Systems Career Cluster?

The Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Systems Career Learning Area relates to the environment, food, and natural resources, such as agriculture (including food systems), earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries management, forestry, horticulture, water resources, wildlife management, and urban environmental management. The career learning area objectives blend long term needs of people and environmental values so the land will support diverse, productive, and sustainable processes and products. Learn how to pursue education and training in industrial and engineering systems on the Oregon Department of Education's Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems page

This career cluster is organized
into nine career pathways:

The Oregon Department of Education's Career Learning Areas are six broad groupings of instructional areas, comprised of related careers, which provide context for academic, technical, and career learning. Learn more at

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